Our Escape Rooms

The Missing Detective's Office, The Moonlight Gallery and The Bootlegger's Lair are incredibly fun escape rooms for family, friends and businesses. Work together to search, problem-solve and complete the mission...escape the room. Always fun...never scary!

The Missing Detective's Office

At a time when the mob held great influence over the city of Canton, it is no coincidence that a private investigator goes missing. Can your detectives solve the mystery in 45 minutes and escape the room!

2-10 players - $20/pp

The Moonlight Gallery

You've been tasked by your mob boss to pull a heist. It's 3:00 AM - time to rob a private art gallery in the dark before the night watchman finds you there! Can your band of thieves find the hidden gemstones in under 45 minutes?

2-10 players - $20/pp

NEW! The Bootlegger's Lair

1925 was a fascinating era in Canton, Ohio history. Vice thrived during Prohibition. You've been sent to a speakeasy - gambling den. What secrets will you uncover in 60 minutes? And, most importantly, what is your mission? 

6-12 players - $25/pp (ages 12 & up only)

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