Escape Room 1: The Missing Detective's Office

The Missing Detective's Office was our first escape room experience.

Opening Thanksgiving Day weekend 2015, this quest room began entertaining guests who desire to play detective and attempt to solve a cold case left behind by missing private eye, Charlie Swope.

The Missing Detective's Office is a themed escape room with vintage props, paying homage to classic cinema, specifically the "film noir" era of 1940-1960. It was our goal to create a classic escape room experience with well-thought out game play and fun surprises along the way!

More to the Story

Detective Swope went missing not too long after being hired by a mysterious Mrs. Anderson to find her brother who is on the run and hiding out somewhere in Canton. But cases can have their twists as Charlie soon found out after looking for him. Can you and your team of detectives follow the clues, work the puzzles left behind by Charlie, and solve the case in order to escape the room before 45 minutes expires?

Length of Game: Up to 45 minutes
# of Players: 2-10
Success Rate: 50%
Cost: $20/pp