Staff Outings

Is your team overworked and deserving of a break? Looking to find something fun to do for your office staff after doing a great job? We offer two options:


Staff outings are great way to allow coworkers to let off some steam and improve relationships with one another. And our escape room games will show them a great time.

How Does an Escape Room Staff Outing Work?
Players will search our themed rooms for hidden clues and work to solve the puzzles they uncover to complete their mission before time expires.

To succeed, players will need to use teamwork, logic and good communication.  They may witness skills in others that they did not conceive of; and they may learn to have confidence and patience in their team. It's not easy, but it is a lot of fun.

The result? Your staff will want to decompress and talk about their shared experience:

"We had our company outing here...and we had an EXCELLENT time. The Bootlegger room was great, and everyone was excited and energized about the experience long after we left!" - Kayla Rankin, Timken Steel

Your team will talk afterward. To continue the good discussion, we recommend a stop at a local bar, coffee shop or restaurant  as part of your staff outing. We're happy to make recommendations for your downtown outing - just give us a call!

We have 45 minute and 60 minute escape games to choose from, and we can schedule special dates and times (morning, afternoon or evening) for just your team.  Call us at (330) 844-1492 or fill out the form to get started on planning your fun staff outing!

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