Escape Room 2: The Moonlight Gallery

The Moonlight Gallery is our second escape room, opening the second week of May, 2016.

You might say it's a bit different "exit game" or "clue room." Why? The Moonlight Gallery will challenge guests by making them use their brains in a different way than its predecessor. And this time, we put you on the other side of the law!

The Moonlight Gallery is a private art gallery/studio that you and your gang of thieves have been instructed to rob at 3:00 AM. As it's name indicates, this escape game is played in the dark with flashlights.

More To The Story

An elderly eccentric from Canton who collects art and dabbles in painting has a private art studio, a gallery, in our building. The man's name is “Malin.” Rumor has it that Malin hid his most prized gemstones within it, leaving clues for his heirs to find them. But the crime syndicate your gang is associated with has found out about Malin's secret. Now, you've been told you must rob it. You have help, though: the mob has created a diversion, having cut the power to the building and its alarm system. You have only 45 minutes to find the jewels and get out before you're discovered by the night watchman!

# OF PLAYERS: 2-10
Success Rate: 45%
COst: $20/pp